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Machete!beta or cheerleader?

Category of stories I beta-read: Most, especially SMUT :D
I won't beta-read: Crossovers for fandoms I'm not interested in; Beagles; Original Character PoV (Don't assume you can sneak your self-insertion past me; 3 authors have tried.)
Pairings I beta-read: Most (het, f/f & m/m slash, multiples BRING IT)
Pairings I won't beta: incest (unless you wanna give Ra/Hathor a shot)
If not pairing oriented, character fics I'd beta: Most
If not pairing oriented, character fics I won't beta: Mary Sue, Gary Stu
Type of beta I can do: Grammar, spelling, usage; Story construction; Thematic analysis; Canon
Length of the fics you'd beta: Any, but bear in mind that asking anyone to con-crit a novel-length story in less than a week is pretty freakin' arrogant.

Vala writes slashPreferred formats:
Preferred correspondence via:
  • Google Docs (Try it! It allows real-time editing, highlighting, & multiple editors!)
  • email with attachments (
  • LiveJournal private message as a last resort
I WILL NOT proof-read via a Chat window. (No, seriously. Someone tried. Drove me nuts until I finally refused.)
Tags: action, drama, fluff, gen, het, humor, pwp, slash, smut, team

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