starfirefic (starfirefic) wrote in sg1betas,

General beta-age offered (on the basis that you've gotta give some to get some)


Category of the fics you'd beta: Pretty much anything outside of what's written below. Happy with any rating.

Category of the fics you won't beta: Ummm...mpreg, pregnancyfic in general, or kidfic. I'm fine with darker stuff, but I'm not so good with pure fluff and/or romance fics.

Pairing of the fics you'd beta if applicable): Anything as long as I know the characters (I'm midway through s10 at the moment, and haven't seen either Ark of Truth or Continumm), and the writer makes a credible case for them being a pairing

Pairing of the fics you won't beta (if applicable): See above

If not pairing oriented, character fics you'd beta: As with pairing, as long as I know the character in question, I'm happy to beta.

If not pairing oriented, character fics you won't beta: Nothing comes to mind.

Type of beta you'd do: I work as an editor/proof reader, so I'm happy to beta for mechanical issues like spelling (UK or US), punctuation and grammar. I'm also good to beta for voice and 'in-character-ness'. However, I generally get so caught up in whether the voice and the characterisation are right, that I miss plot holes altogether; so if you primarily need plot help, I'm probably the wrong person for you :-(

Length of the fics you'd beta: Drabbles or one-offs of anything up to about 6,000 words are fine. Anything longer would depend on what else I had on at the time.

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