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Available for Beta

Categories will beta: Action/ Drama/ Gen/ Het / maybe Slash (if not sexually graphic)
Categories won't beta: Femslash/ Crossover/ Fluff/ Mpreg/ Deathfic/ PWP
Pairings will beta: Sam/Jack preferred, but I'm open to others except as noted
Pairings won't beta: Teal'c and a member of SG-1; anything involving Cam or Vala
Characters won't beta: Cam, Vala
Type of beta will do: grammar/ spelling/ plot…
Length will beta: Stand-alone/ Multi-chapter/Novel length

My profession is technical writing and editing, so I have editorial experience.  However, I tend to get busy, so I'm probably not a good choice if you're in a hurry.  Also, let me know if you're looking just for light edit (typos, grammar) or heavy edit (plot, etc.).

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